A proven method for body contouring and cellulite reduction.

Green laser preserves the endocrine functions of the fat cells, which stabilises the metabolism.

We remove fat that you can’t manage to remove on your own and give you the opportunity to press the reset button on your fatcells.

Body contouring with green laser is safe, easy and fast.

The Verjù laser system consists of (6) low-level laser beams that sweep harmlessly over the treatment area. The laser treats very precisely every single fat cell

The green laser stimulates fat cells to drain their contents and return to a healthy metabolic state.

At the same time, the collagen is stimulated and the connective fibres are strengthened in the skin, so it will also treat any cellulite.

Green Laser can offer more than just fat reduction, as it can help reduce the appetite level.

Hormones are released by fat cells. These hormone stimulate hunger and increases appetite. Preliminary studies show a correction in these hormone levels after Verjù treatments. Other ongoing studies also indicate that there are real and measurable reductions in cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels following a course of Verju Green Laser Treatments!

Triple FDA Approval:

Non-invasive fat loss

Class 1 FDA Approval, safety and efficacy proven effective through level 1 clinical studies, with double blinded, placebo controlled, randomised clinical results!


FDA clinical trials demonstrated a 4 inch loss (with some reporting 9 inches) in just 2 weeks of treatment. Plus 6 inch reduction on 72% of obese patients in 4 weeks. All with no lifestyle changes and vast improvement in appearance of cellulite.

Reduction of cellulite

The clinical trials showed an improvement of 1 phase of cellulite in 57% of participants. 

Our body-contouring technology supports your endocrine system without side effects


No risk of fatty liver


No risk of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia


No risk of burns or blisters


No bruising, no pain, no swelling, no redness


No destruction of fat cells or any part of your endocrine system


No risk of hard lumps


No risk of uneven results