A major cleansing of the body to remove toxic waste

Symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system and venous insufficiency may include:


Difficulties losing weight.


Cellulite (the body reacts to the excess interstitial fluid with fibrosis; the hardening of the connective tissue, trapping inflamed fat cells inside bundles of these fibres which further impairs micro-circulation)


Feeling of heaviness in the legs


Oedema (water retention in legs and arms)


Poor circulation


Varicose veins


Spider veins


Poor skin tone and bags under the eyes


Low energy levels/fatigue


Vague pains


Poor immune system

A healthy lymphatic system

Just about all tissues in the body have special lymph vessels and lymph nodes.

The body’s lymphatic system complements blood circulation, ensures that excess fluid does not accumulate, captures larger particles that do not return to the blood and plays a central role in the immune system.

It is also one of the main routes for absorbed nutrients from the digestive tract, especially for all dietary fat. When the lymphatic system become congested, the risk of these fats being stored is increased.

Benefits of Pressure Therapy

Our pressure therapy machine does more than cleanse your entire lymph vessel system!

It ​also removes the excess interstitial fluid which stagnates subcutaneously and aids drainage of the veins, increasing micro-circulation (especially beneficial for cellulite).

​SlimUpDrain is a superior pressure therapy machine, specifically designed not to damage the physiology of the circulation and the anatomic structures concerned.

The effect is superior to the manual drainage given by a massage therapists hands.

The gentle, prolonged compression which is applied with Slim Up Drain pressure therapy is able to cause large quantities of fluids and proteic substances to return to the lymph vessels; it is also possible to perform draining-emptying of the main lymph nodes, where blockages prevent the fluids from escaping to the main circulation.

This causes the natural flow of the lymph from the peripheral parts of the body, thus it reduces swelling and pain caused by the excessive amount of lymph and metabolites in the limbs and encourages detoxification. Pressure therapy application also helps by healing and regenerating muscle tissue, increasing skin tone and restoring the original elasticity of the skin.

Furthermore improving the uninterrupted flow of lymph fluid, strengthens the immune system!

It is also the only pressure therapy system that drains the whole lymphatic system. This means there is no risk of overload in untreated lymphatic areas.

If you have been treated in just your legs/or by a non-physiological system previously, we invite you to complete the cleansing process with us.

Treat your legs, hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, shoulders, armpits and head from neck, scalp to face.

SlimUp Drain treatments are not only beneficial for increasing energy and promoting a healthy feeling, they are also very relaxing, activating the parasympathetic nervous system for a good night’s sleep.

The SlimUp Drain® stimulates the lymphatic channels and drains excess fluid using the patented, physiological design of the SEA WAVE system, this causes the fluid to move in the right direction, in the right way, for the best possible drainage.

The lymphatic drainage machine has three different parts, all offering different functions and treatments. We customize the machine according to your personal needs.

Sea waved leg-piece that we use at Best Shape

With overlapping bands, pressure which decreases towards the top and programmable control of sections (Physiological flow)

Leg-piece with overlapping bands

Double pressure may be applied in the overlap areas, creating restrictive ‘collars’

Banded leg-piece

Fluid may ‘escape’ in to the areas not covered

All-in-one leg-piece

Same pressure applied to the whole leg, not physiological