We love this article from nettavisen.no. It comes with lots of easy tips for choosing healthy, yet still tasty options over the Christmas period. 

Good ideas stay in vogue, but since this article is from 5 years ago, you can now use natural stevia instead of sukrin.

We believe that all food should be tasty, especially Christmas food! And that when healthier options are simplified without detracting from the taste, then it is easier to embrace them. (Easy and healthy is what we are about!)

We wanted to share these tasty, but healthier Christmas options, for those of you with goals that you don’t want to put aside this Christmas, or who know that it is best for your personality type (or will power) to hold the mindset of making healthy options continuously.

It is also important for us to remind you that there is no reason to be hard on yourself or worry if you celebrate the season and enjoy the time with your friends and family. 

Above all we want to give you the gift of feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

We are here to help with our healthy technological weightloss tools, that will undoubtedly boost any of your efforts in the New Year.

Alongside our technology, we also have so much knowledge to share with you to get you to your goals! 

We wish all of our existing clients and our future clients a wonderful time over the holiday season.