I am inspired and absolutely love this science programme from England, called How To Stay Young.

Dr James Brown at Aston University explains the crucial role our fat cells play in helping us to stay young. (Here at Best Shape we do not damage your fat cells and instead we reset your fat cells to a healthy lean state.)

Fat cells secrete atleast 600 different hormones!

Excerpt:’Scientists have found that people that live past the age of 100, often have high levels of one of these hormones. It’s called Adiponectin and it’s believed that it rejuvenates old cells throughout our body. But thin people produce more of it than obese people’

Adiponectin drops as your fat cells become full.

Empty fat cells produce this anti-aging hormone! 

Let us help you to empty your fat cells with the  Verju green laser. (Technology that works with your body’s natural processes.)