Here is how we compare our body contouring technology.

We don’t need to destroy your subcutaneous fat tissue, as after all, we have the perfect laser frequency to empty your fat cells instead, and therefore preserve your endocrine system (which is very important by the way! & has many important functions, such as helping with your immunity, blood pressure control,  and even providing anti-aging hormones!)

Our green laser sends light as a bio-signal to each fat cell to empty, and then they behave in a better way, the way a lean person’s fat cells do. Fat cells, like all cells of the body, communicate one to another through a series of neuro-connections, and when they are sending the right signals they communicate to other fat cells to do the same. It also tightens up the skin as you lose the weight, so there is no risk of baggy skin. 

This is best demonstrated with our clients that have had good results using the laser alongside their medication to bring their cholesterol down, and for our clients that have had reductions in lipids in their blood after a treatment course of Green Laser.  Clients on low dose medication for their metabolism have also responded really well and found they lost weight in areas not directly treated by the laser! 

So instead of forcing changes within the subcutaneous fat tissue that forces the rest of your body to cope with it somehow. (There is afterall serious concern that damaged/destroyed fat cells collect in the liver, of fat returning to other areas in the future, and that the frequency settings of some machines made in countries with lower safety requirements can be in question.)  Our method is holistic, and there are no side effects or risks. 

We want to help your body to also speed up how to get the released fat out of your system. As part of our offering, it is also possible to take Vitamin IV Therapy and Oslo’s only full body pressotherapy which assists the lymphatic system in a completely thorough way.