Buying pills online is clearly something to stay away from. But are you aware of other dangers?

  • Certain weightloss technology
  • Seemingly harmless ingredients in protein or weightloss supplements

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for technology making things easier when it can, and for supplementing safely when required.

But we want you to know how to use these to your advantage in the right way, with positive, long term results.

Do your future-self a favour and be safe with your weightloss options. 

Freezing methods

When it comes to freezing away fat, liposuction although also drastic, is a safer option.

The experiences people have had with the cool sculpt type methods are: nerve damage, lasting pain, hard lumps (don’t worry we can help with these if you have them), a large lump that grows where the subcutaneous tissue was frozen (which can only be surgically removed), the risk of the fat moving to other organs (the liver for example) and for those so desperate to lose weight that the above risks don’t matter, there is also the risk of un-even results.


This is such old technology which has clearly been warned against and sits unused in many Doctors surgeries, due to the risks of the fat moving to other organs.

Hot laser

Why risk it when like the above methods aiming to destroy the fatcells you end up putting the weight on again in other places.

Radiofrequency (RF)

Please wait to try methods incorporating RF. We see that it has the potential to really make a difference cosmetically and that the long term risks could be worked out. But that only with consumer pressure will it become more advanced.  We have already seen improvements in the technology!

Recent research into the effects of RF on the body confirms what we suspected ; (even though the manufacturers skirt around this issue) that fat cells heat up before the connective tissue does, and advises the scanning of patients beforehand in order to be more specific with the treatment.
The seriousness of this procedure seems to be overlooked, it is also being used by those not legally qualified to use it (remember RF is the closest to microwaves on the energy scale). 
Nobody should want to be the experiment. Even if you are desperate to lose weight.
So how can we say that our technology is safe? 

Cold laser or LLLT

Specifically Green Laser frequency

Changes the way your fatcells operate and works to restore the balance of your endocrine system. Cold laser has been thoroughly researched and has no pain or side effects. The process that occurs in your fat cells, is exactly the same process that your body goes through to naturally lose weight. 

It takes a short course of treatments and some changes to your lifestyle. It might not be as easy as pointing a machine at your body, but it works incredibly alongside your efforts. Creating a much more sustainable weightloss.

We welcome you to a non-obligatory consultation and a positive step forward for yourself.