Body confidence vs ‘getting a little help’

This is something that definitely needs to come up for debate!

Sometimes there is just as much pressure that we should all be proud of our bodies as they are, as there is to have a magazine cover body.

It’s of course a good thing to be proud of yourself for exactly how you are, and a well meaning movement in response to a World of photo-shop and filters.

Our bodies are amazing just for the fact that they enable us to move and experience life! But sometimes confidence grows from feeling like we look more healthy, smooth and lean, and having the freedom to wear what we want and reveal ourselves on our terms, and I want to say that if that is the case for you, then that is OK.

If you are not happy with exactly the way your body looks right now, there is no need to feel guilty about wanting to improve it, and in letting us help you to get a kick-start.

Because with us you don’t have to think about potential side effects or pain, I liken it to getting your hair done, doing your nails, getting your teeth straightened, hair removal or having a facial. It’s not necessary, we (I hope!) love ourselves without that, but it gives us a lift!

By accessing Verju green laser technology we receive better results than we can on our own. We get to reverse the stubborn curse of cellulite. Our own weight loss efforts are enhanced and a whole new wardrobe of opportunities opens up!

What our mission at Best Shape is:

We are here so that you can have body confidence. We want to offer a really safe, effective method for body contouring and cellulite removal. With no forced death to fat cells, no requirement to come back to maintain your results, and no implications or issues of the body compensating in the future. Our method is a holistic solution that your body will thank you for.

We hope you will make contact today and take advantage of our free consultation and introduction prices!